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'Frozen 2' Facts You Didn't Know About

Frozen created a boom in 2013 and became one of the most successful animated films in Hollywood. The song "Let It Go" won several awards and garnered more than a million album sales, the DVD became the best-selling children film of all time on Amazon, ice kingdom came to be the most popular theme in children's birthday parties, and even the names Elsa and Anna became popular to new-born babies.

While waiting for the sequel to come out, let's look at some facts about the movie.

<The sequel takes place three years after the first movie.>

The sequel is set three years after so all the characters look slightly different. Olaf is now three years old and trying to learn how to read in the movie. How cute is that?

<Frozen 2 will be the first film where both sisters wear pants.>

This decision was based on how much activity they would be going through as the sisters have to overcome various difficulties and hardships, dressing them with dresses and high heels won't be realistic.

<The movie focuses more on Elsa's life challenges than her romantic life.>

Elsa is a unique Disney heroine because she did not have a romance in the original movie. There are a lot of fans who believe the sequel is the movie that is willing to go against Disney's established traditions.

<Frozen 2 hits theaters on November 22, 2019!>

It'll also be available for streaming on the Disney Plus service next summer.

You can get tickets now!




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