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Pixar's New Movie 'Soul' Finally Reveals Its Trailer

YES! It is the new Disney-Pixar movie coming next June. After a long hush hush period of time, they finally released the first trailer for 'Soul'.


'Soul' tells the story of a New York middle school music teacher, Joe Gardner, whose jazz performing ambitions are dashed when he passes away under the exact same circumstances that Mel Brooks has told us register as comedy and not tragedy. In the afterlife, he gets stuck teaching again (from an article on Slate). This charming character Joe is voiced by Jamie Foxx, and the movie is directed and co-written by the famous Pete Doctor.

Coming to theater on June 19, 2020!

Is this another movie about death from Pixar? We all remember how heart touching Coco and Inside Out were. Although most animated movies are considered to be for kids, Pixar has made exceptions by delivering deeper messages and bigger themes that bring on tears. It's the movie for people of all ages.



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